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Local Love Friday Feature: Little Hobo Soup and Sandwich Shop

Nov 18, 2016

Where we shop, where we eat and have fun - all of it makes our community home. This Friday we are featuring The Little Hobo Soup and Sandwich Shop, a family run operation that has become a breakfast and lunchtime staple among the 9-5 crowd in Downtown Kelowna.  

Until recently, The Hobo had been in the same location on Lawrence Ave, since 1975 and was one of seven chain restaurants. Now it’s the only one left and harkens back to a time when diners served food just like grandma used to make.

Word of mouth about the scrumptious lunches and soups quickly spread amongst those working downtown and online accolades soon followed.

In September, owners Crystal and Steve had the opportunity to move to a bigger location at 526 Leon Ave and jumped at the chance to expand their thriving business and better serve their growing clientele. TOMORROW, Saturday November 19th, marks the Grand Opening of their new location. Stop by between 1-5pm for $5 Hobo Burgers and free soup tasters!

In between prepping for the event and creating the next day's menu (from scratch!) we caught up with Crystal to discuss, food, shopping local and living in the Okanagan. 

Where are you from and how long have you lived in Kelowna?

Fun fact: Steve grew up as an Army brat and was born in Germany. However, we both consider ourselves to be from Manitoba. We lived in Calgary for a number of years before moving to Peachland 15 years ago.

What does your business do? 

The Little Hobo Soup and Sandwich Shop serves up comfort food at comfort prices.

How long have you been in operation?

We’ve owned the Little Hobo for the last 5 years. We just had our 5 year anniversary in September right before switching to our new location.

Why did you get into/start your business?

We always wanted to open a diner, and discussed it at length in our past lives as social workers. One day I just went out and bought the business- without Steve knowing! It’s a good thing he loves me. He was awesome about the whole thing and it didn’t take much convincing to get him on board.

What inspired the move to the new space?

It’s a great problem to have but we were just getting too busy in the old location. It was small and the kitchen was very close quarters. We weren’t able to serve our customers in the timely manner that we wanted to. Our lease was coming to an end and when we were offered this space by the landlords, it seemed like all the pieces just fell in to place. 

What’s YOUR favorite local store and restaurant in Kelowna?

Mosiac Books. And I love to get slapped by “The Backhand of God” at Micro.

 Why is it important to shop local?

Why isn’t it? We very rarely don’t shop locally. Our community is made up of small businesses. We wouldn’t have a downtown core without them.

What is so special about the Okanagan/Kelowna?!

It's one of those indescribable things; you just want to be here. You can go from no snow in town to being up on the hill skiing. It’s really the best of all worlds. There is a reason we have such a busy tourist season!

Walking Distance to Stockwell – 9 minutes

For More Information on The Little Hobo Soup and Sandwich Shop and their GRAND OPENING Event, go to https://www.facebook.com/Little-Hobo-Soup-and-Sandwich-Shop-162855520474022/?fref=ts or visit them at 596 Leon Ave, Downtown Kelowna.