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Top 10 Reasons to Buy New Construction

Nov 14, 2016

Many people assume that buying 'new' is a luxury they can't afford. However, the below list highlights a few of the reasons why new construction could actually be the most economical option. 

  1. No PTT. As of February 2016, the BC Government has declared that new homes under $750,000 will be exempt from Property Transfer Tax – a savings of up to $13,000!
  2. Warranty –New homes are under warranty which may extend to labor, materials, appliances, and heating/cooling systems.
  3. You get what you WANT- Many developers will offer customized options, upgrades & color palette selections that allow you to put your personal touch on a new home while avoiding renovation hassles.
  4. The mortgage on a new home is often comparable to that of a resale.
  5. Not handy around the house? Buying new means that repairs and maintenance are in the distant future while a resale may require work immediately.
  6. Put away the rubber gloves - a new home is already sparkly clean!
  7. Building Codes are more sophisticated than ever and hold developers to high standards for safety and construction, an important component that may be sub-standard in an older home.
  8. Low Stress- No need to haggle with current home owners over the details of purchase & possession.
  9. Money in the Bank- A new home has greater resale value if you decide to move in the future.
  10. A new home is a fresh start – no traces of former tenants. It’s a wide open space for you to create unique and special memories that are all your own.
  11. BONUS! Brand new appliances with warranties that can save you time and money on repairs!

Perhaps you’re the type to get your hands dirty to build your dream from the rubble of a remodel, but if easy, breezy and ‘turn-key’ has a better ring to it – new is for you!

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Photo Credit: Traine Construction (The Builder for The Stockwell Downtown)